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Which platform can be the right choice for your E-commerce Business?

Opencart - E-commerce Business

There are many in the market which can be confused you to selection of those. You just want to see the success in your own business. Each platform has its strengths and suitability for their different needs. So its upon your need you can select out of those easily. Opencart is one of the easiest open source E-Commerce solution. It runs on server which have PHP and MYSQL on it. In opencart we can make our own shopping store to sell our products online on minimal price . Its very easy to create open shop on this e-commerce platform.

It is free to download as given in GNU General Public License and very user friendly. Opencart provides lifetime support and free updates of software. In this we can do guest shopping , where customer do not require to register themselves. It comes with rich features. There are wide number of templates present in Opencart. It offers lots of module and template. In opencart you can have complete control over your store. It is present in multiple languages, more than 20 payment gateways and more than 7 payment methods. In this user can add lots of different categories, product and manufacturers.


  • Opencart is available with rich E-commerce themes.
  • Multiple stores can be managed by single admin.
  • We can add different prices for different stores.
  • Each store can be designed with different language.
  • In this we can automatically resize image.
  • Responsive and quick admin UI.
  • It also have built in discount coupon system.


  • Its not suitable for large businesses.
  • Free plugins and themes are very less.
  • Some functions which are free on other cart are to be paid in opencart.
  • Its complex to upgrade its version.
  • It does not offer SEO friendly URLs.

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