Happy Independence Day – 2015

Happy Independence Day 2015

As you all aware we are celebrating 69th Independence Day, Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to give independence to all of us. But in reality yet we have liberty…?

Not yet... Democracy has lost its meaning. It was established to provide safety and rights to all. But a common man today asks himself if he is really free. The vested interests of political leaders have stopped us from cultivating the fruit of freedom. Today we live in our country with lot of social evils: Corruption, Women Injustice, Drugs, Violence, Poverty, Superstitions and Inequalities etc. If we can do just tiny effort to remove these evils than we should take part for it. The spirit of freedom means to make this loving country a better place to live and let live. Most importantly, Freedom is not about Rights only, but our Duties towards the nations. While enjoying the right choose our way of life, we must respect other’s freedom too. Also we must be proactive and play our part in countering challenges and building a progressive India, instead of waiting for our leaders to show us the way.

SPEAK OUT NOW…. Raise your voice this Independence Day… I think that no change can occur unless you speak out. I request to all on this day… celebrate your freedom of speech… you can speak, fight against injustice… do not remain silent, use your power of voice to make a difference.


Hubstem Team