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Effective reasons to use zend framework for your website

Zend framework

If you want to go with best platform for develop custom web application, none other than only option is PHP.

It’s compatible for many framework. One out of many is Zend framework, created by Zend technologies. Zend framework is an open source, object oriented web application for the developers of PHP5. It contains various tools to help web developers in their work. It provide supports for multiple database systems and vendors. Zend framework also provides an advanced MVC i.e Model-View-Controller which can establish basic structure for Zend Framework Applications. It is licensed under the Open Source Initiative which is also called (OSI).

Useful Features of Zend Framework

  • Components are object-oriented PHP5
  • Caching sub-system are very flexible
  • It provides support for many types of backends, like memory or file system
  • Php developer can use lightweight component library with 80-90% functionality
  • Extensible MVC supporting layouts
  • PHP web applications can be made easily
  • Great scope for customisation
  • Its very flexible framework.
  • It provide complete support to all versions of PHP.
  • Its very smooth to create Search Engine Friendly URL.
  • Components like MVC & RAD (Rapid Application Development) provides great tooling support

In addition to above benefits, Zend Framework License make it easy for companies to protect their code. Although PHP is an open source framework, businesses have complete control on their own code. Consequently, your intellectual property rights are fully protected and secured.

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